Hail The Young Heroes

Monday, December 13, 2010


Around here at OPS HQ, we are wrapping up an amazing year and looking to the future. Another film, Singing Planet is in the works. We are also working on many other important initiatives. The future is also a vista of possibilities for many of our new friends, fans, followers. In The Cove, my husband Louie asks, “Where are the Roger Paynes and Ric O Barrys of tomorrow?” We now see armies of them charged up, already acting to make change.


We see half-pint heroes;  a fine young Mr. Grant from BC, Canada sent OPS a check last week for $1.04 and wrote.

“My 6 year old brother gave me this money to "help Mr. whale" I think you may be able to help him more. :)”

Thank you sirs.


An eloquent, ambitious 17-year-old  Katherine Leigh wrote to us a few months ago. She outlined her innovative program, Green Catch: Sustaining Blue by Catching GreenInspired by The Cove, she single-handedly created a study guide designed for Middle School students. Monterey Bay Aquarium is now partnering with her.

She writes:

“I created Green Catch as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award. Before I even knew that marine biologists existed, it is what I have wanted to be. I loved the ocean as a little girl, and now at age 17, I still do. I have learned a lot, tried a lot of different things, but the ocean is my passion. I recognize how inter-connected society has become and that only global awareness will ensure sustainability. Sustainable seafood is a worldwide concern, and I believe that Green Catch can help this important issue. Soon, I plan to host a training event for other high school students so that they, too, can teach Green Catch.


My program, Green Catch: Sustaining Blue by Catching Green, is striving to lead the way. Green Catch is a sustainable seafood educational program for middle school students. It manages to address the complex, multi-faceted issue of sustainable seafood in a way that is easy to understand. Green Catch exposes students, their families, and their friends to seafood's impact on the environment, human health, and the economy. It also shows them real ways that they can make a difference. It bridges the gap between what happens inside the classroom and out, by including take-home materials and information for the friends and families of the students. The best part about Green Catch is its user-friendly quality; it can be taught by virtually anyone. Green Catch has the support of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s organization, Seafood Watch, and I have already taught Green Catch at two middle schools.”


Then we have local Jordyn Howard, a 13-year-old, self professed “Cove freak” who has already raised $400 for OPS, selling concessions at school movie night. That's a lot of popcorn and soft drinks. She also designed and circulated a pledge to not visit dolphinariums, which was the inspiration for our online Pledge. She is now making posters to line her school hallways advertising the upcoming screening of…yes, The Cove. We plan to be there.


Gestures large and small, all triggered by an idea are truly touching. And essential if we are to make it. We salute these and other young heroes, they are truly our future.


Have a warm, meaningful holiday. Rest up. We have lots of work to do next year.