Earth Day Number Dump

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo Chris Jordan
Detail of 426,000 cell phones, the number of cell phones retired in the US every day.
From Running The Numbers

Earth Day countdown (got your Widget?)
The numbers are flying.
It all started 40 years ago, when over 20 million people rallied for bettering our Earth's conditions.
This year will see the greatest numbers ever, in terms of people observing.
Why not get involved with some part of the Billion Acts of Green campaign.
Here in the US, the numbers don't look so good.
We produce a quarter of the world's waste, making us the biggest garbage producer in the world, behind China and India. Less people but more stuff!
So Much Stuff
Every year we toss:
25 billion Styrofoam cups.
38,000 miles of ribbon (enough to tie a nice bow around the Earth)
 Enough paper and plastic cups, spoons and forks to circle the planet 300 times.
1 billion shopping bags, adding 300,000 tons to landfills.
2.6 billion holiday cards, these discarded reminders of joy could fill a football field 10 stories high.
Too much stuff.
Recycle. Reuse.
Don't buy in the first place.
Check out and share The Story of Stuff.
Earth 911 tells you what to do with that hard to recycle stuff.
Lots more numbers at the Clean Air Council site.
This Earth Day, get out, get involved.
But let's regard every day as Earth Day.
And bring our numbers down.
~Viki Psihoyos~

US Good News Map courtesy of Mother Nature Network